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Project Whitecard, TELUS, and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) are thrilled to announce that the joint team behind Street Sense, the digital driving hazard simulation app, has taken a second award, this time Gold from the International Serious Play Awards! https://t.co/XYY71PaX6g ProjectWhitecrd photo
Paramedic Ted Swan is touring the Northern BC region and drawing from his experience as a first responder at crash scenes to explain the science involved in a crash.
https://t.co/wLf471mg0m https://t.co/F7bRcVyUJQ
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Surgeons can use Osso VR to learn a new procedure without having to worry about harming patients. In one study, surgeons who used VR to train for knee surgery were 230% to 320% more successful in performing the procedure than those who didn't use VR.
https://t.co/REVrZMokgA https://t.co/uDvUOO7EA4
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Do you feel like your brain could use a vacation? DoVille VR is an exciting new game that specifically stimulates the hippocampus, and it's available now on Steam and Meta App Labs. With three episodes to choose from, this game is sure to keep your mind active and engaged. https://t.co/nRquSdKmCr ProjectWhitecrd photo
Street Sense is a new driver training application, launched by ICBC and developed by Project Whitecard, Telus, ICBC and the BC Government. Street Sense has already has been featured in major media outlets.
In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the potential of virtual reality (VR) to reduce stress levels. This cross-study suggests VR might work better than the real world!!
https://t.co/r0wX8R62bx https://t.co/Ejm4wfTc7j
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