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Our projects are presented here. We do what we love,
Game builds for education, culture, training, and science included below.

Grab your sunscreen! DoVille VR has launched, and you can read all about it here: https://t.co/BeydXoq6Yr

Remember those days, when a new website was cause for an announcement?
Well here's our new website! Don't forget we're hiring!

https://t.co/QVumGWkMmo https://t.co/YwZ4Tz5Ox8
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Before the pandemic (let's hope for a safe end), Manitoba Public Insurance worked with Project Whitecard to invite young drivers to get behind the wheel in virtual reality (VR). https://t.co/QwGA4TYglt

Join the exciting team at Project Whitecard, using games technology to improve lives everywhere.

We're looking for an outstanding Unity3D technologist. https://t.co/zlNKuJ115z https://t.co/TM8dOU2jIT
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Proud to say that you can now try DoVille, an app specially created
for positive cognitive effects. It's on Oculus Quest, code word "DoVille," of course.
Get in some water skiing, solve a mystery, or lay on the beach, it's up to you.

In the middle of a pandemic, Project Whitecard continues to create technologies and resources designed to improve the quality of life of seniors. Click the link below to view the article. https://t.co/3uUGeUsvzA https://t.co/Vu6R0ms6FO ProjectWhitecrd photo