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Game builds for education, culture, training, and science included below.

Street Sense is a new driver training application, launched by ICBC and developed by Project Whitecard, Telus, ICBC and the BC Government. Street Sense has already has been featured in major media outlets.
In recent years, there has been increasing interest in the potential of virtual reality (VR) to reduce stress levels. This cross-study suggests VR might work better than the real world!!
https://t.co/r0wX8R62bx https://t.co/Ejm4wfTc7j
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All three episodes of DoVille's new VR adventure are now available! You can vacay on Juniper Beach, rescue Bigfoot Mountain from destruction, time travel to Dino Gulch with \ Hollywood Star and singer Tom Jackson. https://t.co/RYST5Cpiix https://t.co/uNde9bOgLS https://t.co/sibCivOXjq ProjectWhitecrd photo
The developers at Project Whitecard Inc, in partnership with the provincial government, TELUS and ICBC, have launched a new simulation and training tool for inexperienced drivers, called Street Sense! We are so proud! https://t.co/m4g8xaBKQt
DoVille is a new virtual reality game that has been designed to stimulate the hippocampus and improve brain function. The game is based on the "Memory Palace" technique. https://t.co/v0hEroiqeb https://t.co/Ax2GKwG5rA https://t.co/2bxlWntBUq ProjectWhitecrd photo
Grab your sunscreen! DoVille VR has launched, and you can read all about it here: https://t.co/BeydXoq6Yr