Vision Statement

Project Whitecard is committed to making the world a better place by transforming digital technologies into vibrant vessels of learning, inspiration, and beauty.

Launching project after project, Project Whitecard operates its fleet of applications, for people, and discretely, for clients. Thus, through our enterprise, we at Project Whitecard are navigators of education, culture, science, and compassion.

By developing a strong and willful skill base of like-minded leaders within Project Whitecard, we together demonstrate to the world how one can find a course of positively efficient action that broadens the world’s shorelines of healthy digital engagement, always seeking to outrun the old ideas and transform passive users of content into champions of kindness, truth, beauty, and enlightenment, ultimately remaking the world and worlds beyond into safe havens of adventure, free thought, and novel ideas.

For as developers and artists at Project Whitecard, remaking the world together is within our power by gently applying the considerable gifts of skill we have each been given in our lifetimes in this Age of Information, this Age of Enlightenment, and Technology. 

We thank the powers of the Universe and each other for this opportunity as we set course on the decks of our PCs, tablets, headsets, and phones, even as we remember to take time outside of work hours for ourselves and our lives and our loved ones.

Thank you Universe; may we serve you well and long… May You Clients and Users that join us for the journey be pleased and turn your faces, smiling and unafraid, towards the ever-widening future.

-Khal Shariff, August 2021.