Khal speaking at Serious Play International in Toronto

In Toronto? Attend Khal Shariff’s Presentation at Serious Play International Conference

From October 11th to 13th, 2023, Toronto Metropolitan University will host the prestigious Serious Play Conference, a gathering of global thought leaders in the field of game-based learning. This year, the conference will feature Khal Shariff, a renowned Gold-Award recipient and CEO of Project Whitecard, who will deliver two insightful presentations.

In his first session, Khal Shariff will explore the transformative journey of “Street Sense,” British Columbia’s pioneering driver training program. This talk will not only provide a comparative analysis of the program’s various iterations but also introduce groundbreaking steps towards automated driver testing. Khal will unveil the vision for the third version of Street Sense, aiming to revolutionize driver education on a global scale. This session is more than a case study; it’s a call to action for harnessing game technology to enhance road safety and efficiency.

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of applying game technology to public safety and education. They will receive digital handouts, including a detailed guide on implementing automated driver testing and a strategic outline for leveraging innovative educational programs to effect worldwide change. This session promises to equip participants with actionable tools and insights for driving significant transformations in their fields.

Additionally, Khal will speak on “Using AI for Patient Interaction Simulation in Healthcare Settings.” This presentation will delve into the innovative use of artificial intelligence in healthcare education, offering valuable insights into the future of patient care and medical training.

These sessions are an unmissable opportunity for professionals in government, nonprofit, business, healthcare, K12, and higher education sectors to learn from a leading expert in the field. Join us at the Serious Play Conference to be part of this enlightening experience.

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